Our Clients

Who do we serve?

We work with organizations looking to reduce burnout, improve retention, and measure the impact of legacy wellness programs. We promote the greatest impact and value for clients who check any or all of these boxes:
  • Your talented team is composed of highly specialized skill sets.
  • You’re invested in coaching programs aimed at impacting employee mental health and ROI.
  • You understand team well+being and business success are two sides of the same coin, and you’re seeking a brilliant partner to help you integrate them.
  • You know employee wellbeing, diversity, and inclusion are linked – but you want data and strategies that demonstrate it.
  • Your employees are not getting the most out of wellness tools, if they even have time to use them.

Trusted by Exceptional Clients

Our clients have included a range of:
  • Fortune 300 powerhouses and engineering giants like Salesforce (#137) and Jacobs (#262)
  • Supply-chain logistics Unicorns (Series E funding)
  • Changemakers in the Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and genome mapping space
  • Highly burned out healthcare workers including medical students, residents, and physicians


Holy cow, I am so impressed! Bask + Being’s content is amazing and so helpful. As a marketer, I have a total professional crush on them! Thanks for the great example of how to have great energy and an authentic presence virtually.”
-Marketing Manager
I should be thanking you. I’ve had a tearful day today, because I felt something incredible that I’ve never felt before—you saw and empathized with a part of me that I try to hide, without judgment. I try to do the same for myself, but it feels different coming from another person…It appears I need a new approach, but that realization is good progress, plus you’ve given me some tools to help figure it out. Thank you for being honest with me and pushing me outside my comfort zone. ”
Bask+Being helped my team function better under stress and also actively reduce our stress. My team quickly trusted Kasey as both an expert and a real person. She is an excellent professional who very quickly understood root causes, our business model, and industry nuances. Every single interaction and material was high quality: digestible, educational, and to the point.”
-Vice President

Preventing Burnout One Client at a Time.

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