Free Burnout Prevention Training

KD Hurlbutt speaking with clients at a training session


Burnout 101:
Crush Your Goals,
Not Your Soul

Learn how to make stress suck less and banish burnout, for you and your team. Without sacrificing success. 

Preventing burnout is a skillset anyone can learn. Just ask the 100+ engineers, doctors, executives, marketers, sales teams, and teachers that Bask + Being has coached.

Tune in to get our highest impact tools and frameworks in this free, 45-minute training.  

Hi, we’re Bask + Being. We’re coaches and consultants who help hard-working humans achieve sustainable success, that includes their well-being. Plus, we help workplaces like Salesforce, Jacobs Engineering, and Kaiser Permanente build healthier cultures, too. Because everybody deserves to bask and be. (Get it? Bask + Being.)


KD Hullbutt presenting a group workshop

Learn the burnout basics

In less than 45 minutes we'll teach you what burnout is, how to tell if you're there, and what to do about it!

The Reset Deck from Bask & Bing

Press the reset button

Learn three fun, phone-free tools that help you instantly relieve stress.

KD Hurlbutt speaking at TED-x

Show burnout who's boss

Swipe our step-by-step framework for how to say bye to burnout, for good.

You're in good company

Burnout is pretty normal. Unfortunately. 

Over 35% of the global workforce is burned out. At least, according to like literally all the studies from the past three years. (Some report it as high as 48%!)

Despite that, it can still feel like a failure you don’t want to talk about. We get it. And we’ve solved for it.

“I appreciate [Bask + Being’s training]. It was interactive. The information was helpful. Most importantly, it made me feel like my stress and burnout are valid and I realized I’m not the only one going through this.”

Group of workshop attendees
KD With client and The Reset Deck

Time To Say Bye-Bye To Burnout

You deserve to live a fulfilling life AND be successful. The really cool news is that you can use your knack for achievement to get really good at not burning out. And Bask + Being can show you how!

Save your spot, grab a snack, and tune in!